Tom Maker Ology-fix

Zig Rigs the Tom Maker way!

Tom shows us exactly how he ties his simple but effective Zig Rigs!


On a lot of lakes Tom goes armed with Zig Rigs as they are perfect for targeting fish at different depths of the water, he even sometimes has a Zig Rig on his third rod ready to cast at showing fish! 

1. For the hooklink material, Tom favours 12lb Zig & Floater Hooklink. 


2. He connects his chosen hook to the hooklink material using a Palomar Knot. As with all knots, before you bed it down, really lubricate the knot like so. 

3. Next he takes his chosen Zig Aligna (red in this case) and threads that on, this is then positioned so the base of the Aligna is almost level with the point.

4. After choosing a foam colour use the loader which comes supplied with the Fox Zig Alignas to place it inside the Aligner, once the foam is fixed inside the loop, cut the foam to length like so. 

5. The finished set-up. A quick spray of Peach & Pepper and it’s good to go!

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