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See further with Fortis' binoculars

The company that brought you the ‘see deeper’ ethos with their polarised glasses now have another string to their bow with these binoculars...

Binoculars are a massively underrated angling tool. Largely absent from tackle shops and mail order catalogues, it’s easy to forget about their existence and their usefulness in carp fishing. Fortis are aiming to change all that with a pair designed specifically for our branch of the sport.

Made for life on the bank, each set of XSR binos is tank tested to ensure they are fully waterproof. They are also filled with nitrogen to prevent the most annoying thing about binoculars - fogging up. The nitrogen means you can whip the binoculars out of your cold bivvy and into the dawn air without getting misty internal glass. This is a huge plus for this product, eliminating a problem which has seen many anglers take cheap binoculars fishing then leave them behind for the next trip.

So why would you need binoculars in the first place? Just ask someone like Scott Lloyd, who uses these very ones, about their importance. You can spot subtle signs that most anglers will miss, you can monitor your long-range surface hookbait, interpret the behaviour of birdlife over your spot or even set your Adjustable Zig with precision. In this age of easily accessible information about rigs and bait, observation is what separates the best anglers from the rest.

The XSRs offer an eight-times magnification rating, which Fortis say is the optimum amount for handheld binoculars. Any more magnification and the image can become shaky because your hands support the optics. This is particularly important to anglers who might be using the XSRs in a boat or while quickly scanning the lake for signs of fish. The eight-times magnification is also perfectly adequate for use on most lakes in this country.

Considering their compact size, the light-gathering lens at the front comes in at an impressively wide 42mm to allow anglers to observe the water in low-light conditions at peak feeding times.

The XSRs (it stands for extra sharp range) feel like a quality bit of kit. The green rubberised coating feels comfortable in your hands and the single centrally mounted focus wheel has just the right level of resistance.

Each set comes with a neck strap, a cleaning cloth, pushover lens caps that stay tethered to the binoculars and a carry case.

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