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How to splice leadcore

Or any lead-free leader material for that matter. Here is your step-by-step guide to doing it safely and securely...


1. In this instance we are using the CamFlex leadcore.

2. Strip out approx four-inches (10cm) of lead wire from the centre of the leadcore.

3. With the braided material pulled back over the lead wire feel where the lead wire finishes (it should be four-inches from the end!).

4. Insert the hooked end of the Splicing Needle in where the lead wire finishes.

5. Once in place, carefully thread the end of the splicing needle down the hollow core of the leader.

6. Push the end of the needle out through the side of the leadcore material halfway up towards the end as shown.

7. Pick up the very end of the leadcore using the gate latch on the splicing needle. If you keep the section short as shown it will be easier to pull back into the hollow section.

8. When you tease the leader material back through the hollow sheath, be gentle and don’t twist the needle (or it may snap) and push from the base upwards as this opens up the braid.

9. When you have successfully pulled the material through the side wall continue pulling it gently back down through the hollow braid as shown.

10. Once the core has been threaded through the outer sheath (before you have pulled everything tight to create a strong friction join) your splice should look like this.

11. Run your fingers down the splice (away from the loop) to smooth and lay out the outer sheath. This will normally hide the end of the inner section as the splice elongates.

12. Using a baiting needle tension the splice, by pulling on it, to finally set the splice in position.

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