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How To Tie A Greedy Pig Rig

Greedy Pig Rigs were the in-vogue rig between the mid-80s and mid-90s. And today? Virtually no one uses - which means you should!

Greedy Pig Rigs were the in-vogue rig between the mid-80s and mid-90s - a set-up where it was commonplace to use two or three 15mm boilies on the Hair. Not only did they create a real mouthful for the carp which (a) made it harder for them to eject, (b) helped select the large carp and (c) it made the hook end of the braided hooklinks that were used in those eras less likely to tangle because of the heavier weight of the hookbaits. Nowadays though, if anyone does use a double bait, it’s always a snowman: a bottom bait and a pop-up fished together. It seems that no one likes using two or three heavy bottom baits hard on the deck - everyone appears to be obsessed with lighting their hookbaits these days, so why not switch back to how the old school used to fish?

What you need:
25lb Coated Hooklink
Wide Gape hooks (size 6 or 4)
Shrink Tubing

1. Because you’re using three 15 - or even 18mmillers - your Hair length will be very long, so you need to strip back a good six- to seven-inches of the outer coating.

2. To stop the top bait (the first one you thread onto the Hair) from sliding, you want the knot created from tying your Hair loop to sit in the middle of it - so unlike most rigs where you tie a teeny Hair loop, this one needs to be around an inch-and-a-half.

3. Thread on your three chosen baits and secure with a bait stop.

4. Whip on your chosen hook using the Knotless Knot method and then add a shrink tube kicker. To finish the rig, tie a flexi-ring swivel on the other end using a Grinner Knot and add a small amount of putty halfway along the hooklink to help pin it down. Job done!

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