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How to tie a maggot clip presentation

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Mag-Aligner not your thing? Can’t be dealing with threading maggots onto a piece of dental floss? Then go the easy route: a maggot clip. We’re betting you’ve not heard that product name in some time, right?! Hugely in-vogue around the early-aughts, but during the last decade they have taken a backseat to the slightly more delicate maggot presentations of 2020. However, not only are they the most user-friendly maggot-attaching gizmo available, but they do offer a couple of advantages over other germ presentations. 

You can fish them Frank Warwick style: line-aligner style with a long-shank pattern of hook, and then with a small piece of foam attached to the Hair to increase buoyancy and add a splash of colour. The second option is to fish them as a boilie/maggot clip combi, so if there are nuisance fish around and they do strip your maggots, you’re still left with a hookbait. 

With the maggots loaded - on either presentation - attach a PVA mesh bag by simply hooking it on, twisting, and hooking it through again. 

Maggot Essentials

Who has seen/heard Damian Clarke’s Thinking Tackle Podcast (YouTube/KordaTV)? Did you clock where he talked about using the Mini Skyliner Spod to put out maggots in complete and utter silence? If you need to be discreet, then the humble spod is a better option to a Mini Spomb as you can lay it down on the surface so quietly.

To ensure the maggots don’t wriggle through the holes in the mesh, use ‘micro’ PVA mesh. After you’ve tied your bag, place it back into the bucket of maggots; this will cause the bag go really tight, helping with distance and accuracy when casting. The other advantage is you can then catapult the bag out - up to 50yds if it’s really compressed.

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