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How to tie a Ronnie maggot presentation

Surely this is the ultimate rig/bait winter combo, right?!

The Ronnie offers outstanding presentation and hookability, whilst the wriggling mass of maggots is more than enough to tempt even the most lethargic of coldwater carp. In terms of set-up, it’s your standard Ronnie, but it’s how you mount the pop-up and maggots which differs; you’re doing it in the same manner to how we did with Hinged Stiff Link on page 92. Below is what you need and here’s how you tie it…

Gemini Booms
Krank hook
Hook sleeves
Hook bead
Rig ring

How to tie it...

1. Slide a hook sleeve over the hook point and around and down the shank. Attach the hook to the Spinner Swivel on the Gemini Boom and slide the sleeve down.

2. Pass a rig ring, followed by a hook bead, onto the hook and position the bead opposite the barb.

3. Take a length of bait floss, a sewing needle and thread on seven to ten maggots. Now take your chosen pop-up and thread this onto the floss like so.

4. Pull the pop-up tight to the maggots and then tie the floss to the rig ring; secure by blobbing the ends with a lighter. 

5. And there you have it - how awesome does that look?! 

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