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How to tie the Albright Knot

Simple and easy to tie...

The Albright Knot is a simple and easy knot to tie once you have got the hang of it. It is used when attaching a supple braid to a stiff fluorocarbon in a Combi Rig or when attaching a mono or fluorocarbon leader to your main line.

1. The bits and pieces you need: a fluorocarbon or stiffish mono and some braid.

2. Take a soft braided link that will form the supple hook section of the combi rig.

3. From a loop in a strong monofilament. We have used a red line for clarity of the photos, but recommend mono or fluorocarbon hooklinks of at least 15lb.

4. Thread the tag end of the braided section through the loop off monofilament.

5. Wrap the braid up the doubled monofilament as shown at least six times.

6. Next, do a further four wraps back down the knot (towards the loop).

7. Pass the tag end back through the loop in the opposite direction to the original piece of braid.

8. Gently pull the knot down, teasing it with your fingers so that the coils group up neatly and lock.

9. Make sure you lubricate the knot with saliva before pulling the knot firmly down, locking it in place as shown.

10. Carefully trim back the excess braid…

11. …And then trim back the excess monofilament.

12. The finished combi rig: it combines the presentation benefits of nylon with the excellent mechanics of a soft braided hooklink.

1. Form a loop in the end of your chosen monofilament (we have used red line for photographic purposes here).

2. Have your end section pre-tied with an unskinned braided hooklink material.

3. Pass the end of the braid through the middle of the looped monfilament.

4. Whip the braid 7 or 8 times up the monofilament...

5. ...then whip the braid another 4 or 5 turns down towards the hook (over the top of the previous whippings).

6. Pass the end of the braid back through the loop - this time thread it in the opposite direction to the way it was first past through the loop.

7. Tease the knot back carefully keeping the turns tidy and neatly abutted. This will make final bedding of the knot easier and a stronger finished knot.

8. As you tighten the knot down it should look like this...

9. After you have fully tightened the knot trim off the excess braid. Always leave at least 2.5mm.

10. Now do the same with the excess monofilament.

11. Here's your finished Albright knot. If you're using it for a combi style hooklink you can mould a little putty around the knot to pin the hooklink down.