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How to tie the all-conquering mag-aligner

This rig was truly a revelation when it was first ‘outed’ by Mr. Rob Maylin...

Originally a concept that Bernie Loftus came up with, the simplistic, but highly effective hooking arrangement works amazingly as a single cast trap (or over the top of spodded maggot). When it is combined with a big bag of maggots it all works together so phenomenally that it is now a lot of seasoned winter anglers number one maggot rig. Here’s how to put one together…

Covert Mugga (size 10)
Braided hooklink material
Helicopter lead arrangement
Fake maggot
PVA funnel web

How You Tie It...

1. Take a 12-inch length of your chosen braid and whip on, Knotless Knot style, a size 10 Mugga hook. You don’t need a Hair, so you can trim off the tag end.

2. Take your fake maggot and thread it onto the hooklink, positioning it over the eye of the hook.

3. Nick three or four maggots onto the hook and then make up a nice big bag of maggots. 

4. Leave a long tag end on the PVA bag so you can tie this to the flexi-ring swivel below the lead. Nick the hook through the bag, being careful not to burst any maggots. 

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