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How to tie the winning combo: Maggots combined with a fluoro

Winter is all about maggots and hi-viz hookbaits!

Zigs for spring; particles for summer; boiled food for autumn - and for winter it’s all about maggots and hi-viz hookbaits, so the combination detailed here is off-the-scale when it comes to attraction! And although both are already incredibly appealing to the carp, here’s a sure-fire way to turn them into the ultimate winter combo…

12mm White Pop-Ups
Booster Liquid
CC Moore Fructose Concentrate

1. We’ll start with the lead arrangement and rig. Put together a conventional helicopter set-up, but use an in-line lead and secure with a flexi-ring swivel - you’ll tie the mesh bag to this ring.
2. The hookbait will be tied D rig style, so start by threading six to eight maggots onto a piece of dental floss.
3. Tie two Overhand knots to bring the maggots into a ball.
4. Now thread on a 12mm hi-viz pop-up (we’re using CC Moore’s Northern Specials) and tie the floss onto the D.
5. To give your maggots an extra ‘kick’, dust them with the Fructose Concentrate and then tie up a mesh PVA bag.
6. Leave a long ‘tag end’ and tie this onto the flexi-ring swivel which is coming
out of the end of your lead. Nick your hook into the end of the bag and then give the hookbait a good squirt of the Northern Special Booster Liquid just prior to casting out.
7. Get ready to start hauling!

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