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Mark Pitchers' Doubled-Over Hinged Stiff Link

If you’re looking to use a Hinge Stiff Rig with a difference, then check out Mark Pitchers’ version...


Whilst the boom section on Mark's Hinged Stiff Link is pretty standard, the hook section is anything but! It’s tied from a doubled-over piece of 30lb Rigidity - that’s 60lbs of stiffness compared to the UK’s average of 20lb! This extra stiffness makes it incredibly difficult for the carp to deal with. Here’s how Mark ties it… 

What you need:
30lb Rigidity
Size 4 Edges Stiff Rig Beaked Point Hook
Edges Micro Hook Ring Swivel
Size 11 Ring Swivel
25lb Camotex Soft

“I’ve used this rig for the past five years,” says Mark, “and what convinced me to make the switch from my previous preferred arrange to this, was the doubled-over stiff section - as you can imagine, it’s super stiff! The idea was to create an extension of the hook itself, sort of like the old bent hook rig of the 90s in effect but without the negatives of causing mouth damage. I find this extra stiffness proves incredibly difficult for the carp to deal with, and I’m convinced the pick-up/hooking ratio is massively increased.

Before Mark shot off, he gave us this rig tying tip… “Just treat the doubled-over section exactly the same as if it was a single section. And remember, because it’s so stiff, you only need to tie a One-Turn Blood Knot and it’ll hold.”

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