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Being a reader, we’re confident you’re already the sort of discerning individual who uses whichever social media channels are relevant to you. We’re also fairly confident you’ve already found us on your microblogging-life-sharing platform of choice. But just in case this is one of those (rare) instances when you’ve got it wrong, allow us to take you awkwardly by the hand and show you where you can keep up with everything going on in the CARPology world.

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We'll keep your feed topped up with all the latest stories and features throughout the day. Not too many though, we know how much you want to see baby pics/holiday snaps...

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The same deal, but this time mingled in with the endless torrent of carp consciousness. You can also get involved with any hefty office debates here too.

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Sometimes the best way to learn is to look at some really beautiful and inspirational photos, that’s why our magazine is full of them. Our Instagram page is too.

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From in-sessions and interviews to rig tying advice and the odd Vine which we share, CARPologyTV is the moving motion part of how we engage with you.

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