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Etang 5: The legend continues...

A large number of carp from the legendary French carp lake Etang 5 can still be caught!

Thanks to the team of The Carp Specialist we have exclusive news: a large number of carp from the legendary French carp lake Etang 5 can still be caught! 

Etang 5 is a well-known lake for many carp anglers. Fanatic carp anglers from all over Europe came to the shores of this water to fish for famous carp such as Big Girl of nearly 95lb! Unfortunately, good things come to and end and Etang 5, like many other waters in France, has been purchased by the government and has been transformed into a Natura 2000 nature reserve where carp fishing is strictly prohibited (all information can be found on the website of the previous owner:

Fortunately, the legend is not completely lost and these genetically unique fish (fast growing and beautiful) have managed to be preserved for the carp world! In December 2019, no expense was spared to catch and relocate a considerable number of unique Etang 5 fish. Yes, you read that right! Thanks to contacts with former owner Franck and former manager Patrick, some of these dream fish have been preserved... and now we can reveal where these beautiful specimens now swim: Dragon Island!

The carp of Etang 5 are a gift to the owner of Dragon Island and offer a unique addition to the already impressive carp stock on the water. 

Facts & figures about the carp stocking - the following Etang 5 fish found a new home on Dragon Island

In total, 46 healthy carp were transported from Etang 5 to Dragon Island in December 2019. The carp were not only particularly beautiful and unique, but also quite large in size:

1x 67lb mirror carp
7 carp between 45-55lb
35 carp between 35-45lb
3 carp under 35lb

Carp Sepcialist said "We are, together with the former owner of Etang 5 and the owner of Dragon Island, very happy with this stocking. As a result, the legend of Etang 5 lives on and we still have the chance to target some of the unique fish. In previous years we have seen that spawning on Dragon Island can be successful, so we are hopeful that the unique genetics of Etang 5 carp can be preserved for the future. This stocking also offers a fantastic expansion for the carp population of Dragon Island"

"Whoever thinks to be able to easily catch a few large carp on Dragon Island will be disappointed. Dragon Island is, despite the new stockings (in November 2019 48 carp between 35 - 60lb were released by a French fish farmer), still classified as "very difficult". It is a hard lake to fish with a lot of weed growth, shallow zones and fish that know the tricks of the trade. Are you up for the challenge? Visit our website for all details about Dragon Island and the team of The Carp Specialist is at your service for all your questions and reservations!"

"The legend of Etang 5 lives on: will you go on fishing adventure at Dragon Island?"

Team The Carp Specialist

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