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New Lake Record at Livardière - 70lb 5oz!

With lockdown restrictions easing across Europe, the fishing is now kicking off - big style!


The Carp Specialist: "When we first entered the beautiful Domaine de Saint Fraimbault in 2007 to meet the owner and fish the Livardière payment water, we knew immediately: this will be a top water! Now, many years later, it is still a fixed value in our package and one of the most popular payment waters among our guests. Lots of fishing space, beautiful nature and of course a special carp stock."


"Livardière is absolutely not run water, but a water where you can book a nice catch with a lot of effort and the necessary amount of luck. The French fisherman Sébastien Delente experienced such a top catch and the manager Bernard writes to us the following:"

'Sébastien, a local fisherman, fished a short session from Swim 9 for the past two days. In two days he caught eight carp, the smallest of which weighed 13.5kg. Furthermore he caught a 19.8, 21, 22, 22.6, 23, 24 and 32kg! What an average weight! With the exception of the 24kg, it all concerned mirror carp, with the 32kg as top fish."


"Would you like to fish carp for a week in Livardière? On our website you will find all information about this beautiful and challenging carp water. We are here for you!"

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