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Win a carp fishing holiday to Holland worth over €2,000!

Thanks to Carp Specialist, win a free week carp fishing at the Dutch Carpfarm Lake for up to 9 anglers worth €2,250!

Mega giveway: win a FREE week carp fishing at the Dutch Carpfarm Lake for up to 9 anglers worth €2,250 thanks to The Carp Specialist!

Ever since the start of The Carp Specialist in 2004 they have never given away such an big prize… they are very happy to invite not 1, 2 or 3 anglers to come fishing for free, but 9 anglers! Would you like to fish a week for free at one of the most beautiful carp fishing lakes of The Netherlands? Then read on and join the competition!

In the beautiful countryside, only 20 minutes from Groningen Airport, you will find the beautiful carp fishing venue; Carpfarm Lake. This 25-acre destination is specifically made for carp fishing and offer 6 spacious swims (3 x 2-person and 3x 1-person swims). Because of the convenient price and travel time by plane, we can offer an all-inclusive holiday at Carpfarm Lake. The owner Bert likes to welcome you to this challenging venue with carp 61lb!

The carp stock at CarpFarm Lake can be called, unique. The total stock is around 320 fish with several two tones, linears, fully scaled mirrors and two beautiful koi carp of 40 and 45lb! The average weight on Carpfarm Lake is around 33lb with 15 different 45lb+ fish and four known 55lb+ carp up to 61lb.

What’s there to win?
You can win a free carp fishing holiday at Carpfarm Lake from Saturday 16th till Friday 22nd of May 2020. In total there’s space for 9 anglers, which represents a value of € 2,250. Joining the competition is totally free of charge, all winners are announced on our website and Social Media channels at the 31st of March 2020.

Click here to join our FREE competition!

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