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Win a free carp fishing holiday for 2 anglers!

Thanks to Carp Specialist!

Our partner The Carp Specialist, a well-known European carp travel agency has just launched a great competition to fish one of their new french carp fishing lakes: Fully's Lake.

Located in the French Aube departement only 250 miles from Calais, close to the famous Lac de Foret d’Oriënt, you will find Fully’s Lake. A lovely lake of nearly 26 acres that has earned his name for the many beautiful scaly mirrors that swim in the lake. Owner Constant, a well known French Fox consultant, has controlled the lake since early 2019 and has started to prepare the lake since that time to welcome carp anglers. It's a huge success so far with continental anglers, that lovethe incredibly beautiful scaly mirror carp stock.

For our English anglers, we are very happy to offer 1 week free fishing for 2 anglers on the lake worth € 400,-. Joining the competition is very easy: just fill in your details below, and at the 8th of January the winner will be announced. It's totally free to join, so what are you waiting for?