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Would you like to win a GoPro HERO7 Silver camera?

Courtesy of The Carp Specialist UK


What a turbulent time at the moment. With many restrictions due to COVID-19, our lives are changing not only in terms of the wellbeing of yourself and your loved ones, but also regarding work and finances. Unfortunately, we cannot do much about this, but The Carp Specialist have some good news. 

Fortunately, they can take you to the "digital" lakeside for some distraction and relaxation: in recent years they have put a lot of time and energy into launching new carp videos on their YouTube account. 

The Carp Specialist UK's channel now has almost 300 carp videos ranging from drone and underwater videos to session reports and presentations of their carp lakes in Europe. All in all days of video material to entertain yourself and more and more of their videos have been launched with English subtitles.

Of course there is also something to be won… how about a GoPro HERO7 Silver worth £ 280, so that you can also make your own carp videos?

For your chance to win, just visit The Carp Specialist's YouTube channel, log in and SUBSCRIBE!

On Friday 17th April, they will announce the winner of this awesome (underwater) camera on The Carp Specialist UK website & their social media pages.

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