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Fortis Wraps Bifocal +2.00 Polarised Sunglasses

Could this be the end of squinting to tie a rig?

Fortis are notoriously good at making life better for anglers by paying attention to the finer details. Whether it’s in their extensive range of polarising glasses or the ever-expanding clothing line, they have an eye for improving things by thinking about items with an angler’s mindset. So it’s no surprise, therefore, to see these new glasses hit the market - a pair of polarising shades with bifocal elements.

The Big Questions

I’m young, aren’t bifocals what your Nan has?
You might well have 20/20 vision, but these glasses are more about providing versatility and helping even those with perfect eyesight to see things more clearly up close. If your eyesight is not what it once was when tying fiddly rigs, then these will be a godsend.

How do they work?
For the most part, these work just like Fortis’s existing Wraps glasses. They have the same popular frame design and brown lenses, but with a magnifying section positioned at the bottom of each lens. This +2.00 magnification allows you to see hook eyes, ends of line and knots with much more clarity when looking down at tasks performed with your hands.


Isn’t it distracting?
It might seem odd to have two different elements in each lens, but the positioning is spot on and it really won’t affect your fish-spotting at all. When looking out over water, your eyes will be positioned in the main section of the frame and will benefit from Fortis’s tried-and-tested polarising technology. It’s only when you want to peer down at something at very close-range that the magnification comes into play.

What’s the fee then?
Classic Fortis: quality product, outstanding price point. These will set you back £44.99, which includes case and lens cloth.

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Included is a hard case and lens cloth