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New additions from Spotted Fin

Spotted Fin continue to launch exciting new baits...

It’s unlikely that any new bait company has landed with as much impact as Spotted Fin in the last few years. With a big budget, immaculate bait-making facility, huge bulk-buying power and with many top names involved, they certainly aren’t a garden-shed operation. Spotted Fin’s list of products - across carp, coarse and match fishing - is equally impressive, and the innovation has kept on coming. The selection of baits here can combine to create the ultimate PVA bag mix.

1 Milled Halibut

Just like the Milled Krill Pellet, this is a finely crushed-down version of halibut pellets, which are a renowned carp favourite. The extra oiliness is a summer winner and this powder is available in 1 or 3kg bags.
From £5.99

2 Halibut and Krill Pre-Drilled Hookbaits (8mm)

The power of pellets in a PVA bag mix is undisputed, but so few anglers then use a pellet hookbait. Straight-out-of-the-bag pellets can be difficult to mount on a Hair, but these ones are pre-drilled and each pot contains an equal mix of Krill and Halibut versions.

3 Boosted Krill Pellets (2mm)

These 2-millers are great for creating a solidly packed PVA bag and then releasing plenty of tiny food items around your hookbait. Deep red in colour, they are coated in krill flavouring for maximum attraction.

4 Finamino

A good PVA bag mix always contains some liquid flavouring to keep the attraction going even after the bait has been
eaten. This highly attractive stuff is made from a new liver extract and is full of vitamins, minerals and
amino acids.

5 Milled Krill

This finely milled pellet has a soft powdery consistency that lends itself to use in bags, spod mixes or on the Method feeder. In PVA bags it will leak out attraction and also help plug any air gaps in your mix.
From £5.99