Win A Bundle Of Avid's New Main Line

The latest version of Avid’s flagship main line is even hard to detect - and we've got almost miles of the stuff to giveaway!


It’s been about five years since Avid first launched their Outline mono, taking inspiration from their earlier Zig Line which had a two-tone appearance. The original Outline main line, featuring a metre of brown colouration followed by a metre of clear mono to break up the appearance of a tightrope cutting through your swim, has sold by the mile and now there’s an updated version which is even more camouflaged!   

This month, Avid are kindly offering one lucky reader the chance to win 3 x 1,000m in the 12lb; 3 x 1000m (18lb) and 1 x 300m spool of each of the breaking strains: 12, 15 and 18lb. To stand a chance of winning, just answer this question:

What spool size does the new Outline come supplied on?

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