Win a ESP Onyx Spod Rod

This spod/marker rod has only just launched too and it’s worth £180!


When an angler with Kev Hewitt’s credentials says this is the best spod rod he’s ever used, you know it must be epic! The brand-new Onyx Spod and Marker Rod is built on a high modulus blank which has a progressive action with loads of long-range power. With a test curve of 4.5lb, maximum compression and distance are best achieved with spods of 5-7oz, and heavier loads can be delivered easily at shorter-range. It’s also perfect as a marker/feature finding rod combined with braid where the responsive tip feeds information back to the hand.

It’s a workhorse but with showpony looks, and would look even better in your rod bag, right?! Well, to stand a chance of winning his amazing rod, just answer the following question:

What is the test curve rating on the Onyx Spod and Marker Rod?

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