Win an Avid Carp Top-Half Clothing Pack!

Throw on either of these top-half warmers and sit or stroll snuggly!


We’ve got three sets of top brand Avid Carp’s new Thermite Body Warmers and Thermite Jackets to give away and to win one of the sets, it couldn’t be easier.

Both garms are stuffed to the seams with insulation to help block out irksome summer elements, namely the odd chilly wind and early morning/late evening nip in the air. Both are cut to offer more movement so your casting/climbing isn’t restricted, and the three zipped pockets take care of your phone, receiver, keys etc. For more information on the Thermite collection, you can read our review by clicking here.

To win one of the sets, just answer this simple question: 

How many pockets do the jackets feature?

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